artistic images and photography
 The beauty and wonder of
God Given  Creativty
Having failed art at school, not for one moment did I think I would become an artist.
Let alone an: 
Artist Creative Writer and Photographer,
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Diamonds Of Hope

and soon to be for sale 
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My name is 
​Kathleen  Hope  Emslie

​​​lovely to meet you​

I am delighted you have stopped by my web site to check out the beauty and wonder of God's creativity in my life.
  until my early 30's trauma and violence were the cauldron of my existence.  Around the age of 40 I began to find living almost impossible.

During years of counselling  and therapy, following burnout and mental breakdowns, I began to discover within me long-hidden desires and a need to be creative.  It began while reading The Bible one day in the first Chapter of Joshua.   God sent The Children of Israel back into The River Jordan to remove stones and build a memorial marking the place He delivered them into The promised Land.

So began my journey of healing from the life-long effects of violence and trauma, through God's love by
"Keeping Hope Effective"  

I now live on the Mid Nort Coast of NSW in a small seaside village 
​Paintin writing and creating all for the Glory of my Heavenly Father