Diamonds of Hope
Celebrity Diamond Auction
Diamonds of Hope
Celebrity Diamond Auction
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Diamonds of Hope
Celebrity Diamond
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Diamonds of Hope
The Diamonds of Hope Celebrity Diamond Auction was the brainchild of Michael W.
Payton, President of New Life Diamonds & Gems and was inspired and designed as an
innovative way to raise awareness and increase the much needed funding for a variety of non-
profit organizations who’s mission it is to reach out to those in need while seeking to ease the
physical and emotional pain through herculean humanitarian efforts for all who inhabit this
dusty old rock we call Earth.

The goal of the Diamonds of Hope charity event is to utilize technology and innovation to
raise $100 million U.S.D for a variety of charities across the globe while immortalizing our
celebrity icons in diamonds….diamonds actually created from a sample of hair provided from
each celebrity donor.

A three-diamond set will be created from each celebrity donor. All three diamonds will be of
different sizes and will be created in one of four possible colors (red, green, blue or yellow).
Each will be cut and polished into one of four different cuts and will be engraved with an
I.D. number and the name of the donor ensuring that each diamond is a unique one-of-a-
kind treasure.

The largest of the three will be auctioned off during a series of Diamonds of Hope Celebrity
Diamond Auctions with 100% of the proceeds to benefit each celebrity donor’s charity or
foundation of choice.  We are also encouraging our celebrity donors to either design their
own personal diamond setting or design one for other celebrity donors.  Although it’s difficult
to estimate the proceeds each diamond could generate, we estimate that each could bring at
auction between $150,000 and $1,000,000. The second one will be sold to a private investor
or placed up for sale prior to the main event to help fund the creation of the three-diamond
set as well as promote the Diamonds of Hope charity event. The third diamond will be
placed within a collection that will include all of the celebrity donor participants which is
destined to tour the country to continue charitable support.  

Together….We can make a difference!